The chronicles of building my backyard water garden

So I had this space in my backyard with some gnarly bushes.  Not only was it ugly, but I hated mowing the space around the bushes.  I also had some old wood from a swing set that was in the yard when I bought the house.  I got to thinking what I could do with it all.
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The idea came to me.  I'll build a back yard water garden.  I thought it would be neat to have a pond with some kind of waterfall and a small stram.  I figured I could use that old wood platform to make a bridge for the stream.  So I got to work.  I mapped out a pond area and started digging.  I figured that to have a waterfall, I needed somewhere for the water to fall from (well duh).  So I piled the dirt that I dug from the pond area on the opposite end for the small upper pond that would feed the waterfall.  I then created the cascading steps that the water would fall down.  The next thing was to create a hole in the lower pond where the pump would sit.
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Now that I had the upper and lower ponds and the stream dug the way I wanted them it was time to buy the liner.  I bought the liner on-line.  It was a fish safe rubber liner with an underlayment material which was like a thick felt material.  I had also put together a home made water filterthat I fitted to the back of the upper pond.
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Then for the rocks, I started pricing them at the local garden supply store.  They wanted over a dollar per rock for ones a little bigger than my fist.  I knew that I would not be able to afford all the rock I would need buying it from the store, so I had to improvise.  I put an ad on craigs list to see if there were any local farmers that had field stone that they wanted to get rid of.  Luckily we have a lot of it in our area.  It wasn't two days and I got a response.  The guy said he had piles of it and all I had to do was haul it away.  So a picking I went.  There were rocks of all sizes in different areas on the edges sof his fields, but one spot had the mother load.  It was a pile of small to medium sized rocks that were perfect, so I started hauling.  I ended up finding some perfect flat rocks large enough for the cascade on the waterfall.
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After laying out some of the rock I figured I had better test the pump that I had.  It was a pump for a larger fish tank, about 900 GPH, but after testing it on the pond with a 1 inch hose, I found that there just wasn't enough water flow to make the waterfall cascade the way I liked.  So I went back to the local hardware store and flipped the money for a 3000 GPH pond pump and a much larger piece of heavy sewer drain hose.  After hooking that up I was getting a beautiful cascade of water down the waterfall and the river was flowing nicely.  I had read on the internet that a good thing to put on the pond for algae control is a UV light.  I bought a submersible UV light and a bunch of PVC pipe to make an easy way for the pump to connec to my large hose that fed the upper pond.I then buried the sewer drain pipe up to the top.  I also ended up building a manafold (not pictured) at the upper pond to divert off some of the water directly into the upper pond and some through the bio filter.  The 3000 GPH pump at full capacity was a bit too much for the filter that I had originally built for the smaller pump.
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After laying out more rock, the pond was coming together just like I planned.  I had thought of some other additions that I could do to enhance the pond.  When we moved into the house, the previous owners left a few stacks of old weathered paver bricks in the shed.  These I used to make a path up to the bridge that I had built.  The work was hard, but after seeing how it was coming together, it just gave me more ambition to finish it.
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The pond still did not have that finished look to me.  I decided to get my wife involved and had her plant some flowers around the outer edge of the pond which I bordered with more rock and filled with red wood chip mulch.
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Oh, but I still kept on thinking of more to add.  I had thought of the original pump that I still had and what if anything I could do with it.  I had an area of dead water in the pond and wanted a way to get it moving.  The fountain was the perfect idea.  But no, I did not want just any fountain, I needed a lighted fountain.  So I purchased a 120 LED light ring to go under the fountain, and a color changing one at that.  I also found a deal on some solar LED lights at the dollar store to put around the pond, and a couple underwater lights to shine on the waterfall and the bridge at night.  I also have some color changing strip lights under each tier of the waterfall to illuminate the waterfall with a glow of color.  This however cannot be seen in the pictures.  
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I can't say that my little backyard water feature will ever be "COMPLETE".  I have some plans for things to do to it this year.  The first is to put up an arbor at the front of the walkway to the bridge which is one that my wife got on sale last year.  It is similar to the one pictured below.  I alo plan to build a small water wheel and mill house something similar to the one pictured below.  
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